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Z Rock gets a face lift That's right bitches... Z Rock KKZR has gotten a face lift! We want to provide the fastest, easily navigable site there is. So we are getting a nip & tuck, here and there. We have also migrated to a new production server to allow for more listener slots and enhanced security.

You might be asking yourself... What happened to the request functionality? Is that gone forever?  The simple answer is... We hope not. But for now, the request functionality will remain disabled until some code changes can be made. We are almost ready to migrate to a new broadcast software that will provide better automation, and more reliable delivery of our live stream. 

If your user account is not available, you can either wait until we try to import user backups to the new site, or just create a new account which is probably faster and preffered.

If you experience any errors, or strange goings on while using our new website. Please be sure to let us know so we can have a look. 

Thanks for listening, and as always. Remember we rely on our listeners to stay on the air. Delivering the best hard rock and metal known to man is not easy, or cheap. So please make a donation as often as you can. Skipping that one coffee, or one trip to Taco Bell per month and donating it to us would go a long way to keep us on the air and commercial free.