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Narthraal - Screaming From The Grave

Icelandic old school death metal band Narthraal is about to release their debut album named "Screaming From The Grave". The album is scheduled for release May 26th via Finnish label Inverse Records

The first single "Death Of The Undying" can be heard here on Z Rock KKZR during the nightly "New Stuff for an Hour" show which airs weeknights at 8PM. Buy this album from Amazon and help support Z Rock KKZR in the process as a small portion of the purchase will go to us. 

Nicumo - Storms Arise

Since 2009 rolled melodic metal act Nicumo are about to release their second full length album. Album is titled “Storms Arise” and it will be out on 7.7.2017 through Inverse Records.